End the Paper Chase with All Electronic Remittance Advices, All the Time.

EDIinsight® 100% ERA Solution converts paper EOBs to post-able 835s, which eliminates a paper-based workflow and speeds the claim management process.

There’s a reason it’s called paper work. The manual processing of paper remittances doesn’t have to continue to be a hindrance for your business office. Providers stand to save a significant amount by implementing an ERA solution and fully automating claims adjudication. With roughly 70% of providers’ remittances now electronic, our EDIinsight 100% ERA Solution will handle the scanning, imaging and matching of paper claim data to generate 835s for the remaining 30%. This completely eliminates your second, paper-based workflow. Now reporting is consolidated in one central archive for greater accuracy and the entire claim management process is expedited.

At-a-Glance Benefits

  • One workflow for all remittance advices
  • Paper remits scanned, imaged and matched with claim data to generate 835s—functionality exclusive to EDIinsight
  • Save time opening, sorting and processing mail
  • Eliminate archival storage expense associated with physical EOBs and other correspondence
  • Enhance reporting through consolidation of data
  • Better accuracy through reduction in human intervention
  • Greater efficiencies in secondary and tertiary claim filing
  • More rapid turn-time on your money

Maximizing the Impact of EDIinsight 100% ERA Solution

When combined with EDIinsight® Lockbox Services and Automated Payment Solutions, 100% ERA unlocks numerous efficiencies and benefits. Perhaps the most significant is the assurance of a 24-hour turn-time on funds deposited into your account. Other advantages include the conversion of all proprietary codes to HIPAA-standard codes via established crosswalk tables for all major payers, enhanced denial reporting capability, and the archiving and tagging of non EDI documentation. The results are faster reimbursement, faster post-back to your PM and faster, more comprehensive reporting. EDIinsight 100% ERA Solution may also be leveraged with a provider’s existing lockbox vendor, if so desired.

Accessed and managed through EDIinsight® Task Manager, 100% ERA is tightly integrated into the EDIinsight suite of products and services. With Task Manager providers may easily create response tasks that will prompt users to take action in a timely and well-informed manner. This improves workflow and insures exceptions and problem claims are handed in the most efficient means possible.