ICD-10 Is Here. Now What?

If you’re not ICD-10 compliant, don’t fret. No matter what ICD-10-related issues you are experiencing Practice Insight has a solution. We’re ready to go, just contact us.

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Key Points About ICD-10

Here are a few facts to keep in mind in the wake of the implementation of ICD-10 as the required diagnosis code structure for medical claims.

  • ICD-10 compliance is mandatory for all HIPAA covered entities.
  • ICD-10 codes apply to dates of service beginning October 1, 2015. Health services and claims for dates of service through September 30, 2015 remain coded with ICD-9.
  • ICD-9 codes cannot be reported with ICD-10 codes on the same claim.
  • Denial rates may increase with ICD-10 resulting from miscoding or an incorrect level of specificity.
  • Practice Insight offers a customer-specific ICD-10 Code Analysis Report that analyzes historical claims for diagnosis code usage and offers probable matches to ICD-10.
  • The CMS GEM (General Equivalency Mapping) crosswalk is built-in to EDIinsight® as a searchable resource.
  • EDIinsight® Clinical Claim Scrubber and EDIinsight® ERA Denial Manager are two ICD-10-ready products Practice Insight offers that can help ease the transition.

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