Our Partners

Alpha II’s software-as-a-service products and publications support coding, compliance, claims editing and revenue analysis for healthcare professionals, clearinghouses and government entities – both directly and through software developers. Beginning with the initial receipt of patient data through the final scrutiny of the payer’s remittance advice, Alpha II empowers precision across the revenue cycle. The company’s toolsets, data content and rules engines currently plug and play with electronic health record, practice management and hospital information systems to help their customers comply with the latest policies, standards and directives.

For more than 30 years, our experienced healthcare professionals have worked together to gather, analyze, and interpret healthcare coding and billing rules and regulations. This continuing effort has produced the industry’s most comprehensive content database and rules engine available—well over 100,000 man-hours in the making and continually under development. Because of this, we are perfectly positioned to help large- and small-scale healthcare providers nationwide maintain compliance and achieve accurate reimbursement—no small feat in today’s healthcare environment with its complex regulatory pressures and cost containment measures.

Easy Pay Solutions, was started in 1998 by two former VISA employees with the simple mission of helping providers and healthcare organizations collect payments from patients in a timely and cost effective way. As high-deductible plans became more popular, Easy Pay has accelerated its service to help clients not only support product solutions but to also assist office managers and front office members implement patient friendly best practices for patient collections. Today, Easy Pay is used in thousands of medical offices.



Jopari Solutions, Inc. (www.jopari.com) is a leader in medical billing EDI connectivity solutions for the Property and Casualty insurance markets. Jopari designs and operates a full array of electronic interchange services for providers and payers in the Workers Compensation and the Auto Medical insurance lines of business, fully supporting the use of national standards. Jopari has been a key participant in nearly every major milestone event associated with these industries’ transition from paper-dependent medical claim workflow to electronic medical transaction processing.

Led by executives who pioneered non-group health medical EDI services beginning in 1985, Jopari supplies integrated eBill compliance and payment solutions to a growing list of thousands of providers and/or their connectivity solutions partners, and more than 400 Workers’ Compensation and Auto Med/PIP Payers nationally. Jopari’s HIPAA and HITECH Act conforming SAS 70 Type II certified services enable health care providers and payers to fully comply with the various jurisdictional eBill and ePay regulatory requirements. Providers and their connectivity solutions partners utilize the Jopari suite to be able to facilitate and streamline submission process of bills and documentation electronically to payers, realizing improved operational costs and reduced Accounts Receivables. Payers utilize Jopari’s Transactions Gateway to reduce loss adjustment expense, improve business process efficiency, and ensure compliance with jurisdictional requirements.