Testimonial Quotes

  • I just had my first support experience with your relatively new hire, Taylor Justice.  She definitely lives up to the high standard you have long established at eSolutions for hiring the best of the best.  If I were a university professor of business, I would assign to one of my best PhD candidate students for his or her thesis project the subject of what makes a successful business, and suggest he or she study your company in depth for that thesis.

    Wayne Cooper, Cooper IT

  • I have been dealing with eSolutions for a number of years. One thing that I appreciate about the company is the care and concern that they’ve show, at first when they were small and now as they’ve grown larger. But it’s not just the company; it’s also the continuously evolving product developed with feedback from resellers. eSolutions has provided immense value for my customers and has made a huge difference for my billing company. I wholeheartedly endorse their product.

    Ramesh Gogineni, Med-Strategies, Inc. (dba Branson Management Group in Nevada)

  • As one of eSolutions’ first resellers, we work closely with their staff to improve their products as well as our customers’ processes. Our clients benefit from the ability to manage their claims effectively and quickly throughout the day and have reduced their accounts receivable significantly. Without a doubt, I’d recommend eSolutions for claims management, clearinghouse, RCM tools and PQRS. They’re unparalleled.

    Jim Sherrill, Medical Software Associates

  • They’re great guys to work with. I’ve worked with over 5 different clearinghouses, and they are hands down the best I’ve been associated with in 20 years. Their professionalism and support have been outstanding. Utilizing eSolutions’ eligibility, claims and tasking modules, we’ve achieved a better level of satisfaction for our customers and a better bottom line for our company.

    Fred Fitch, MedNet Partners

  • Sending statements in eSolutions is simple and efficient. We are able to see updates of patients’ addresses.

    Barbara Eckert, Bergen Gastroenterology PC, Emerson NJ

  • The claim scrubbing process is very helpful. Being able to see the outbound file is great…The autoporting capability makes posting a lot easier.

    Megan Caceres, Bergen Gastroenterology PC, Emerson NJ

  • We work with many single provider practices and the eSolutions technology allows us to help clients with a broad range of EDI transactions and provide assistance with claims and payment issues. The health insurance industry is complicated and eSolutions technology helps manage the complexity with great software and technology.

    Kevin Knutson, Automated Medical Solutions

  • The Task Manager module enables me to keep updated on my staff’s processes. The programs [within EDIinsight®] have enabled the billing processes to flow a little easier. Wonderful product.

    Vanessa E. Pettway, Vision Partners LLC, Mobile AL