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What kind of partner does a health insurance payer need?

At eSolutions, we recognize the challenges faced by insurance payers in managing the risks of rising healthcare costs in addition to rising operational costs. Traditionally, the EDI clearinghouse has been the “middle man” connecting providers to their insurance payers, but eSolutions is much more than just a clearinghouse. eSolutions is your partner in managing EDI transaction efficiency and providing great technology for your providers.

eSolutions provides customized claim edits with detailed rejection notes sent to providers so they know exactly how to correct their claims. This means the claims we forward to you are cleaner and maintain a higher acceptance rate. At eSolutions, your claim data stays online for at least 24 months, making it easier to research provider inquiries on submitted claims. We also provide custom reports by request.

For more information, contact Martha Johnson, Director of Payer Development:  (713) 333-6000 or