Unleash the Real Power of EDI with EDIinsight.®

So Much More than a Clearinghouse.

The heart of EDIinsight is its ability to manage claims for fewer errors, easier tracking, and faster payments. Far more than just a clearinghouse, EDIinsight offers unmatched claim scrubbing, claim status tracking, and numerous tools to help practices manage their complete revenue cycle.

What can you do with EDIinsight Claim Manager?

  • Scrub and edit claims (including custom edits and clinical claim scrubbing), send claims to the payer, and review payer responses.
  • Click on a claim to see its history and real-time status at the bottom of the screen.
  • Easily create and edit electronic secondary claims.
  • Challenge underpayments successfully before it’s too late with detailed, accessible payment and denial information.
  • Prove claims were filed on time with a “Timely Filing letter,” created with a single click.

How does it work?

Let your practice management system create claims, or enter them directly in EDIinsight. EDIinsight loads the claims, checks them for errors, and displays a list showing which claims are valid and which are invalid.

EDIinsight makes it easy to create, correct, and track claims.

  • You can work from a single screen, without having to move repeatedly between modules.
  • EDIinsight provides payer response messages at every point in the process.
  • Claim histories are visible with a single click: just select the claim, and its complete history appears at the bottom of the same screen.

Catch errors before they go out with integrated claim scrubbing—even custom edits

eSolutions understands how important “clean claims” are to your cash flow. That’s why we designed EDIinsight to correct as many potential problems as possible before a claim goes out the first time. Our custom edits and payer-specific edits, combined with powerful clinical claim scrubbing, has shown to help practices increase collections and speed up payment times.

EDIinsight scrubs claims clean from top to bottom

EDIinsight Claim Manager is integrated with Alpha II to provide complete, up-to-the-minute clinical claim scrubbing. EDIinsight checks claims against the following standards:

  • CCI (Correct Coding Initiatives)
  • NCD/LCD National and Local Coverage Determination
  • RVU sequencing
  • PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System)
  • E-prescribe Reporting Edits
  • Edits customized for your practice and your payers’ preferences

Fixing the claim in real time

eSolutions knows that practices need an easy way to fix Invalid claims. EDIinsight provides it.

Just click on the “Invalid” list, and EDIinsight provides a list of claims that need to be corrected. You can select any claim, make the correction, rescrub the claim, and mark it “ready to send” without having to jump around in the program.

See EDIinsight’s powerful claim scrubbing in action. Request more information today.