Don’t Be Held Up on “Hold.”

EDIinsight® Eligibility Offers Instant, Online Eligibility Requests.

Practices tell us that they can spend up to 45 minutes on hold waiting for a payer to confirm eligibility. With EDIinsight, you can submit eligibility requests in a flash, see the response displayed in seconds, and instantly correct and resend requests labeled “Invalid” or “Rejected.”

EDIinsight Eligibility displays all eligibility requests and corresponding responses. You can search for requests and responses based on many different fields including date, status, name, and payer. If a request is returned as “Invalid” or “Rejected”, it’s easy to correct and resend.

Need to print an eligibility request or response? EDIinsight can print a detailed status report showing subscriber information, health benefit coverage information, co-insurance and co-payment amounts, deductible, and specialty information.

Let eSolutions help you get off the phone.

EDIinsight provides everything you need for complete revenue cycle management:

  • Eligibility
  • Claims Manager
  • ERA Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Statement Manager
  • Support Manager