The Support You Need To Keep Revenue Flowing.

eSolutions understands the importance of keeping claims and remittances flowing. We thoroughly train our value-added resellers and provide them the tools they need to offer prompt, world-class support. In addition, eSolutions provides every EDIinsight® reseller with a dedicated support team so they, in turn, can provide excellent service to practices and physicians.

If you do have a question or problem, just right-click on any claim, then select “get support.” EDIinsight then sends a message directly to your reseller requesting help.

For the rare cases when the vendor can’t resolve a practice’s question, eSolutions is committed to responding promptly. EDIinsight’s web-based design lets us find and address problems quickly, without having to physically go to a customer’s office. In addition, eSolutions provides each and every EDIinsight reseller with a dedicated support team.

See how EDIinsight can keep claims and remittances streaming in.