Strength in Numbers—Manage Smarter with Real-Time Revenue Cycle Metrics

EDIinsight® Reports and Dashboards empower users to easily generate and share up-to-the minute reports to allow better decision-making and decrease AR days.

Whether a provider is creating a highly customized claim rejection analysis report that is used to diagnose and solve a problem, or referencing a dashboard for a quick, high-level overview of claim status, EDIinsight® Reports and Dashboards make accessing and using a wealth of valuable data both easy and intuitive. Reports may be shared with other users based on permissions, even scheduled to run autonomously. Two report types are offered to users. Web Browser reports are static reports generated using basic, predetermined input criteria. Web DataMiner reports are more dynamic and customizable with greater filtering, sorting and control of data fields. Both report types may be accessed at the application level or via the Report Manager.

Five EDIinsight Report Classes

  1. Claim Reports – Analyze your claim data from Claim Manager
  2. Dashboard Reports – Analyze claim or ERA data that is graphically depicted in two categories: Claims and ERAs
  3. ERA Denial Manager Reports – Analyze ERA transaction data based on 835s received from payers, requires EDIinsight® ERA Denial Manager
  4. Statement Manager Reports – Analyze statement/billing data for claims transmitted via EDIinsight software
  5. Management Reports – Analyze global data across the enterprise

Reporting for Duty — Popular Reports That Can Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency

Web Browser Reports

  • Clean Claim Report – Extremely popular, this report sheds light on your first-time claim acceptance rate and offers drill-down capability for examining error causes categorically
  • ICD-10 Code Analysis – This report analyzes all of the claim data and ICD-9 codes within a 30-day range. Using GEMs mapping, it correlates that data to the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Claim Summary – Providing a clear picture of where your facility stands at a given point in time, this report is a summarization of claims to date by a claim status and combines pie charts with text claims status totals and watchdog alerts
  • Zero Paid Claim Report – Tracks claims that are paid with zero dollar amount, includes Claim IDs facilitating deeper analysis through EDIinsight® Claim Manager

Web DataMiner Reports

  • Claim Analysis – Providing overall claim analysis capability, this broad-based report enables users to drill down into claims by creation date, as well as export to Excel
  • Claim Error Analysis – Facilitating a closer look at front-end error causes, this report often uncovers issues generated by a provider’s PM
  • Claim Rejection Analysis – Analyze rejects from a specific payer, including denial messages which indicate a trend that needs to be remedied
  • Transactions Analysis – Breakdown and dig deeper into specific transactions on a claim, e.g. CPT® codes by diagnosis

Dashboards — Let Current Data Drive Your Decisions

The ability to see and understand key metrics at a glance can transform the way you manage the revenue cycle. Add the capacity to adjust these metrics on the fly and you have a powerful tool that affords actionable insight when you need it. Displaying up to four intuitive charts with hover text, EDIinsight Dashboards allow a quick analysis of telling data, such as:

  • claim status
  • claim aging by amount
  • top initial rejects
  • top five rejected payers

ERA Dashboards may also be created through EDIinsight® ERA Denial Manager. The most popular ERA dashboard reports include:

  • Adjudication Summary
  • Top 5 Denial Codes
  • Aged Cash graph
  • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by Procedure Code

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