Take the Work Out of Submitting Workers’ Comp Claims.

EDIinsight® Workers’ Compensation Solution employs electronic automation to make the submission of Workers’ Comp claims and their required documentation far less labor intensive.

Workers’ Comp claims are notoriously demanding, due to the volume of associated mandatory documentation that must be submitted along with them. So much so, many providers simply refuse Workers’ Comp cases. However, EDIinsight® Workers’ Compensation Solution takes away that heavy lifting through the electronic submittal of medical documentation (esMD) and provides an easy, automated workflow.

Paper Cuts—100% Electronic Workers’ Comp Submissions

The key ingredient that separates our Workers’ Compensation Solution is the complete electronic submission of claims and documentation. Other clearinghouse vendors tout the handling of Workers’ Comp claims, yet fail to disclose the amount of electronic automation with which they are processed. With EDIinsight, submission is entirely electronic. ANSI 837s and 275s are transmitted directly to a universe of 1,100-plus Workers’ Comp and auto/medical payers. End the man hours dedicated to printing, packaging and mailing a staggering amount of Worker’ Comp documentation and enjoy faster claim adjudication.

Workers’ Compensation Solution Features:

  • Send Workers’ Comp claims to the EDIinsight clearinghouse as ANSI 837 files
  • Easy and intuitive attachment functionality
  • Document attachments are unlimited
  • Permanently attach injury information, case notes, diagnostic reports and lab reports to initial and follow-up claims
  • Track and manage Workers’ Comp claims electronically the same way you handle traditional claim submissions
  • Transmit claims to over 1,100 Workers’ Comp and auto/medical payers