Ensure No Task, No Claim is Forgotten with Flexible, Easy-To-Use Workflow Management.

EDIinsight® includes a built-in Task Manager that allows users to work more efficiently and better manage collections.

Task Manager provides more than a list of tasks to accomplish or denials to appeal. It can be configured to create tasks in any area of EDIinsight. It updates automatically as tasks are finished, displaying a “dashboard” report that summarizes claim volume and current statuses.

  • Start the day with Task Manager, the default window.
  • Ensure that important EDI transactions are followed up.
  • Create tasks to take care of rejected or invalid claims, timely filing letters, denied claims, invalid eligibility requests, denied ERA transactions, and open support issues.
  • Just click on a task to begin work—no need to do a new search. If the task involves claim denials, for example, EDIinsight brings up the list of claims in that task, showing the number of items and the total dollar amount. The user merely needs to select a task, then a claim, to begin work.
  • See tasks and totals update automatically as EDI transactions are worked. Completed tasks automatically disappear from the list.
  • Display a Dashboard Report showing claim volume and the current status of claims.

Administrators can assign tasks to others and see what tasks other staff are working on. Other staff members can create tasks for themselves to help manage their own time efficiently. Task Manager also makes it easy to spot trends and bottlenecks.

Task examples.

Administrators and staff can set up tasks to take care of specific types of transactions:

  • Claims that are not in a paid status and are past due by a specified number of days.
  • Claims that are invalid for clinical claim scrubbing errors.
  • Eligibility requests that are invalid because of missing information or rejected by the Payer.
  • ERA transactions that were denied with a specific claim adjustment group or reason code.