eSolutions Makes YOUR Life Easier. By Making Your Customers’ Lives Easier.

eSolutions provides robust support, information, and marketing materials to our resellers so that they can provide the best service to their customers.

Why choose EDIinsight®?

  • Easy set-up. With its SaaS-based design, EDIinsight’s installation is effortless—all it takes is auto-installing client software that runs on Windows XP, Vista, or Linux. No other software, add-on, or expense is required.
  • Easily customizable. Use only the modules your customers need. Take advantage of custom rules and lots of flexibility in setting up practices, providers, and multiple locations.
  • More capabilities. EDIinsight offers numerous features beyond exchanging claims and remittances. As just one example, when a customer’s PM system can’t create an ANSI-5010 form, EDIinsight can do it for them.
  • Daily audits. eSolutions conducts daily audits of all vendors and their customers’ accounts to make sure that claims are going through to payers properly. We can alert you to issues before your customer even notices there’s a problem.
  • Take control. With EDIinsight, you can see what your customers see and manage their accounts so that everyone is more satisfied with the complete revenue cycle management process.

Are you curious about how EDIinsight would benefit your customers? Do you want to know more about how you could save money in implementation and support costs compared to ordinary clearinghouses?

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