Patient Statements.

EDIinsight® includes a Statement Manager designed to simplify the creation and printing of patient statements. A statement file is created in a Practice Management system and uploaded into EDIinsight to be sent for printing and mailing.

Statements uploaded into EDIinsight go through testing to ensure that billing and address information is complete. The system will flag invalid addresses and patients with forwarding addresses. Users can just click “select invalids” to see a list of statements that need some correction.

  • See any statement exactly as it will print.
  • See complete statement histories at the bottom of the screen—no need to click back and forth among multiple screens.
  • Easily add a note to any statement.
  • Let EDIinsight upload statements for someone else to take care of printing and mailing.

Benefits to resellers.

The EDIinsight reseller program allows resellers to become their own claims aggregator. The program empowers resellers to become part of the claims management solution, instead of being on the outside looking in when their clients need EDI support.

EDIinsight resellers are able to:

  • View all EDI activity including all claims, response files from the payers or clearinghouse, and table driven rules.
  • Manage rejection messages from payers.
  • View invalid or rejected claims for each practice.
  • See all data across their customers, making it easier to spot trends or payer problems that affect everyone.