Medical Debt Collections: Discover a Better Way to Handle Self-Pay

EDIinsight® Eligibility Discovery Solution automates the detection of insurance coverage on unpaid, self-pay accounts for medical debt collectors.

For medical debt collection agencies and billing companies engaged in bad debt collections, EDIinsight® Eligibility Discovery Solution represents a welcome alternative to the laborious and largely unsuccessful methodology traditionally employed when seeking to collect from individuals. Rather than continuing to attempt to collect these past-due funds via letters and calls, why not take the path of least resistance?

In many cases insurance coverage did exist for the individual at the time of service; however, for a myriad of reasons it was not submitted properly or not at all. EDIinsight Eligibility Discovery Solution automates the search of payer databases for patient benefits/plan coverage via EDIinsight technology. This alternate approach is not just easier, but tends to produce better results, as the likelihood of collecting funds from a payer is far greater than from an individual.

Previously, self-pay collection was a losing proposition, consuming numerous man-hours with little return. But, your company had to accept the accounts or risk souring the relationship with provider customers. Now, you have a new tactic that means more money for you and your customers, as well as fewer dunning calls to former patients.

The Four-Step Eligibility Discovery Process

  1. Provide basic patient information (Name, DoB, SSN)
  2. Initiate automated search of top 10 payers in service area
  3. Search immediately stops when coverage is located
  4. Coverage information returned to medical debt collector for billing

Eligibility Discovery Solution Benefits

  • Replace a monthly loss with recurring revenue
  • Leverage a new, less difficult, more lucrative tactic
  • Deliver found-money to appreciative provider customers
  • Decrease write-offs as a result of failed self-pay collection efforts
  • Noteworthy results lead to more provider business
  • Redeploy FTEs previously dedicated to collections calls, correspondence
  • EDS may be private labeled
  • See an immediate return on your investment