Don’t Be Held Up on “Hold.”

EDIinsight® Eligibility Offers Instant, Online Eligibility Requests.

With EDIinsight, practices can submit eligibility requests in a flash, see the response displayed instantly, and easily correct and resend requests labeled “Invalid” or “Rejected.” EDIinsight processes eligibility requests in real time, not in batch files that make practices wait.

Your customers can upload eligibility requests from an ANSI 270 form, a Practice Management Scheduler Report, or add it directly inside EDIinsight.

EDIinsight Eligibility displays all Eligibility Requests (ANSI 270) and corresponding Payer Eligibility Responses (ANSI 271). Your customers can search for requests and responses based on many different fields including:

  • Date of request
  • Request status
  • Eligibility trace numbers
  • Subscriber or patient name
  • Payer

If a request is returned as “Invalid” or “Rejected”, your customers can easily correct and resend it on the spot. With EDIinsight, users can add and edit reports all from the same screen, greatly improving their efficiency.

Need it on paper? EDIinsight can print a detailed status report showing subscriber information, health benefit coverage information, co-insurance and co-payment amounts, deductible, and specialty information.