So Seamless, the Only Thing You and Your Customers See Is Better Revenue Cycle Management.

EDIinsight® is a SaaS-based system that can be integrated to work with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Practice Management (PM) system. Claim scrubbing information, status reports, and payment posting can be programmed to all post automatically to the PM program.

Data flows both ways between PM or EHR system and EDIinsight. For example, changes made to claims in EDIinsight can automatically update the practice management database. Vendors and administrators can even choose which fields will update back into the PM system (or the PM component of their EHR).

Whatever your customers need, wherever they are.

EDIinsight lets your customers manage their entire revenue cycle in one integrated workflow. No more entering and leaving different programs to finish routine tasks.

The EDIinsight system works with any PM system to provide all revenue cycle management functions: claims submission, claim status, remittance, and eligibility services. In addition, if a PM system by itself does not support claim submission or creation of any particular ANSI format, EDIinsight can generate it and send it to the payer.

EDIinsight offers complete flexibility from top to bottom. Its modular design allows you to implement only the tools each customer needs. Within each module, you can set up customized rules to suit each practice’s individual challenges.

As a reseller using EDIinsight, you can see everything your customers see. You can also view data from all your customers at the same time, which allows you to spot issues and provide better customer service. You’ll know immediately if there are system problems or oddities, such as one payer rejecting all claims for a particular procedure code, and be able to reassure customers or intervene on their behalf.

With EDIinsight, your customers have the advantages of highly specialized, powerful revenue cycle management tools and the ease of an integrated solution. And you have easier implementations and lower support costs.