A Solution That Sells Itself.

eSolutions empowers software developers, resellers, large healthcare groups, and clearinghouses to manage EDI in ways no one else can. Our flagship product, EDIinsight, offers flexibility and features found nowhere else.

Easy set-up With its SaaS-based design EDIinsight’s installation is effortless – all it takes is auto-installing client software that runs on Windows XP, Vista, or System 7. No other software, add-on, or expense is required
Customizable Use only the modules you or your customers need. Take advantage of custom rules and lots of flexibility in setting up practices, providers, and multiple locations.
More Capabilities EDIinsight offers numerous features beyond exchanging claims and remittances. As just one example, when a customer’s PM system can’t create an ANSI-4010 form, EDIinsight can do it for them.
Better Service In addition to our introductory training, eSolutions offers weekly webinars to help our resellers offer better service to their customers.
Daily Audits eSolutions conducts daily audits of all vendor and customer accounts to make sure that claims are going through to payers properly. We can alert you to issues before your customer even notices there’s a problem.
More Control With EDIinsight, you can see what your customers see and manage their accounts so that everyone is more satisfied with the complete revenue cycle management process.


Your customers will be delighted with the results from EDIinsight. By partnering with eSolutions, you can offer your customers many unique, time-saving, revenue-enhancing features:

  • Integrate EDIinsight with any EHR/PM system easily and seamlessly.
  • Take advantage of EDIinsight’s modular design to install exactly the tools your customers need. Its flexibility makes it easy to customize for each practice – especially with custom claim-scrubbing.
  • Get real-time claim statuses and electronic eligibility verification.
  • Catch errors before they go out with integrated claim scrubbing in 24 categories – even custom edits.
  • Easily create and edit electronic secondary claims.
  • Challenge underpayments successfully before it’s too late with powerful ERA and denial tools, including remittance auto-posting.
  • Ensure no task, no claim is forgotten with flexible, easy-to-use workflow management.
  • Easily learn how your customers can benefit from the unparalleled functionality of EDIinsight—claims processing, automated management of remittances, and more—through customized reseller training.
  • See everything your customers do, and look at data across all your customers, both of which allow you to provide better service at less cost.

Seeing is believing.

Provide better EDI for your customers, reduce support time, and increase EDI revenue with eSolutions as your partner. We offer tools so far beyond ordinary clearinghouses, you have to see EDIinsight in action to believe it.

Power Tools for eSolutions Resellers.

Either out-of-the-box or customized, EDIinsight lets you provide your customers with fast, powerful EDI that’s less work for you. Modules include:

  • Eligibility
  • Claims Manager
  • ERA Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Statement Manager
  • Issue Manager