Accurate, Timely Patient Cost Estimates

Offering patients pre-procedure cost transparency, EDIinsight Patient Cost Estimation Solution also affords your provider customers the ability to collect in advance or establish a payment plan.

Forewarned is forearmed. EDIinsight Patient Cost Estimation Solution helps remove the element of surprise from the billing process, for both the patient and the provider. This transparency creates an enhanced, less stressful patient experience, and it gives providers the opportunity to secure compensation upfront and greatly reduce A/R.

With Patient Cost Estimations, Accuracy Is Everything

All patient cost estimators were not created equal. EDIinsight Patient Cost Estimation Solution is without peer in terms of accuracy, because eSolutions has the data. Eligibility information, ERAs and historical compensation rates for a given procedure—we have it and can leverage it to drastically improve the accuracy of our cost estimations. This greater accuracy even decreases the need to issue refunds due to overestimation.

Now It’s Easy to Know What They’ll Owe

Generating an accurate patient cost estimate that includes adjusted co-pays and deductibles is a quick and easy three-step process with the EDIinsight Patient Cost Estimation Solution. Checking the patient’s eligibility information against your provider customer’s contract fee schedules and expected allowed amounts from previous ERAs for a specific procedure, it delivers an accurate cost estimation in a timely manner with minimal effort.

EDIinsight Patient Cost Estimation Solution Benefits:

  • Easily generate the most accurate patient cost estimations possible
  • Collect a percentage of the procedure costs upfront
  • Run a patient cost estimation at any time during the care episode
  • Improve the patient’s experience with advance notice of high procedure costs
  • Reduce the number of A/R days, statements and bad debt collections
  • Customize the cost estimation with co-pays, deductibles, etc.
  • Integrate our patient cost estimation solution with your provider customer’s PM
  • Turn an inaccurate, painstaking and manual process into an efficient, accurate and automated one