eSolutions Helps You Get the Most Out of EDIinsight®.

EDIinsight is so stable, robust, and easy to use that our resellers report significant savings in costs to support their customers. The secret to such success is in eSolutions’ commitment to ongoing training for all its resellers.

Get started quickly. All new vendors attend a three-day training session at the eSolutions headquarters in Houston, Texas. At the end of the session, resellers have a thorough understanding of not only how to use EDIinsight, but how to integrate it with their software, how to use the various vendor support tools, and more.

Keep learning new tricks. In addition to its introductory training, eSolutions offers weekly webinars to help our resellers offer better service to their customers. These webinars are recorded and available upon request.

Need help? The EDIinsight searchable Help Manual is a valuable resource available with just a click from anywhere within the application. eSolutions also provides written documentation for all upgrades and new product releases. The documentation is provided in Microsoft Word format so that vendors can easily incorporate it into their own implementation materials.