eSolutions Supports You Well, So You Can Support Your Customers Well.

First, EDIinsight® helps resellers by giving them better information, more easily, so they can provide better service at less cost:

  • See everything your customers see.
  • See all your customers’ data together, making it easier to identify system-wide issues or problems that originate with a particular payer.
  • Give your customers a system that’s easier to use, so they spend less time calling you for help.

Technical Support.

eSolutions works only with resellers, rather than directly with practices. Therefore, we offer resellers the tools to support their customers responsively. We do not provide technical support to practices themselves. EDIinsight includes two levels of technical support:

The Support Manager is built into the product to help end users contact you for help on technical issues. Many of these questions you will answer easily; some will need to be sent on to eSolutions for resolution. To get help, end users can right-click on any claim and select “get support.” EDIinsight creates an issue report and sends a message to you, the reseller.

The Issue Manager is eSolutions’ online support system that allows resellers to get technical information and report product issues. Our online support includes a knowledge base, a reseller forum, and a support ticket system. The Issue Manager works similarly to the Support Manager, from within EDIinsight, but includes more data fields. Resellers can also enter issues directly from this website or call eSolutions for support.

eSolutions has an enviable support record, and we make every effort possible to resolve issues promptly.