Video Testimonials

  • William T. Rust

    PM/EMR Developer
    AllMeds, William T. Rust, DPharm, MBA, MHA, CEO & Director

  • Doug Seiber

    PM/EMR Developer
    AllMeds, Doug Seiber, Vice President of Product Management

  • PM/EMR Developer
    Aprima Medical Software, Michael Nissenbaum, President and CEO

  • schlaifer-poster

    PM/EMR Reseller
    DAS Health, David Schlaifer, Founder, President and CEO

  • Greg Noble

    PM/EMR Developer
    MedWorxs, Greg Noble, CEO and Founder

  • Gary Dollinger

    RCM Company
    Pongworks Consulting, Gary Dollinger, CEO

  • Donald Hachmeister

    PM/EMR Reseller
    Critical Key, Donald Hachmeister, President

  • Sanford Rosser

    Practice Insight Technology Partner
    Alpha II, Sanford Rosser, Sales/Business Development