Knowledge is Power – Know Your Communication Manager

We hope you are all aware that we offer:

  • Vendor Training Classes throughout the year where Vendor Users come to Houston and spend 3 days learning as much as they can about our tools
  • Training Webinars each month on varying topics

We want to supplement Training and Revenue opportunities by forwarding our Webinar links to Vendor level users through the Communication Center (Lower Window of Task Manager).   Communications Center is the informational Hub that allows you to send messages directly to any or all of your customers. If your users are tired of receiving mass emails, rarely look at emails period, or the email address is no longer valid then Communication Manager is your Excalibur!

Communication Manager is your direct link to your active users teaching them to use it can ensure that your relationship with them will continue to grow & prosper. Communication Manager allows the Vendor to be proactive by sending messages to users alerting them of known payer situations such as erroneous rejections or payer slowdowns, leading to less time on support calls.

If knowledge is truly power, our goal as your partner is to build each of your customers into the most powerful groups you could have.

How to send a new custom communication:

Access Practice Insight (As a Vendor Level User)

  1. Click on ADMIN TOOLS menu button
  2. Select Communications Manager button
  3. Select Vendor Communications Tab
  4. Click ADD button
  5. Select a Flag: this is the icon that will display next to the communication.
  6. Select a Type: to identify the communication to the user.
  7. Enter a Subject: this will be the notifications description.
  8. Enter Notification: the body of the communication.
  9. Enter URL or website: if a link is desired you can enter it or copy it from the web.
  10. Select an Archive Date: This is when the Communication will auto archive (fall off a user’s NEW communication list in Task Manager) can be blank for never!
  11. Select the SEND Button
  12. Select what customers or users should receive the message.
  13. Hit the Save icon & the message will be sent!


How to forward a message from Practice Insight to your Customers: You can copy and edit our messages to meet your needs!

  1. Access Practice Insight (As a Vendor Level User)
  2. Click on ADMIN TOOLS menu button
  3. Select Communications Manager button
  4. Under Practice Insight Communications Tab
  5. Single click on the desired Message you wish to forward.
  6. Right Click on the Message and choose the best option (a or b)
    1. Copy PI Communication to Vendor Generated Communication.
      1. If you need to alter the message prior to sending.
    2. Send Selected Communication to Users via Communication Center.
      1. To send the message as is.
  7. Select the Users/Customers that should see the message.
  8. Save to Deliver.